Join chef John Quilter as he meets six of our best regional food producers and uses their ingredients to create delicious recipes in a chic van using a NEFF Slide&Hide® oven advertisment

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Recipes from some of our finest food producers

John Quilter the Food Busker

Meet John Quilter aka the Food Busker

Chef John Quilter’s a pro at rustling up a feast on the go – be it on a market stall or at a festival. He’s spent the past few years hunting out and recreating the hottest new trends in London’s street food for his Food Busker channel on YouTube. He’s now got over 100k followers and it’s one of the UK’s fastest-growing food channels. He’s also launched an award-winning coffee company and starred in TV’s Food Junkies – even Jamie Oliver’s a fan.

The NEFF Food Odyssey is a project close to John’s heart as he’s passionate about meeting the people behind the UK’s amazing food scene and discovering what inspires them. He’s been travelling around the UK meeting six selected local producers – just a few of today’s food heroes – each of whom cares deeply about what they put on our tables. All are passionate about sustainability and how they impact their communities and the UK food industry as a whole. John’s been lucky enough to spend time with them all to see what they do – and what the end result tastes like.

Follow John’s adventures in the Food Odyssey van, which has been kitted out with a kitchen and state-of-the-art NEFF Slide&Hide® ovens. He’ll be using the user-friendly oven functions to bring out the best from his ingredients and, thanks to the unique disappearing door, get closer to the cooking. The result? Delicious dishes inspired by what he discovered along the way.

NEFF hide and slide oven

Now meet the Slide&Hide® oven advertisement

If you’ve been inspired by the NEFF Food Odyssey and are looking to put your culinary skills to the test, look no further than the NEFF Slide&Hide® oven.

Chef John Quilter loved the variety of functions that inspired the different dishes he wanted to create on his tour of regional food producers. Even if you’re not cooking in a van like John, being able to smoothly slide the door away under the oven is a great space-saver in any kitchen. Plus it makes it so much easier to get close to your food, so from stirring casseroles to turning roasties, you can be sure everything will be cooked to perfection.

Amazing Functions

The CircoTherm® function

Allows you to cook, roast and bake different dishes at the same time, with no intermingling of flavours.

The Vario Steam function

Is a revolutionary way to cook, adding steam to the cooking process keeping breads and meats moist on the inside and crisp on the outside.

The Full Steam function

100% steam cooking. Locks in nutrients and enhances flavour. Healthier too as less oils and salt needed.

‘It’s a joy to work with as it makes cooking faster and more efficient. It definitely puts a spring in my step when I use it – I absolutely love it!’

John Quilter

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